About Us

Dr. Katherine Y. Brown Leadership Academy (KYB Leadership Academy) is a program sponsored by Roberta Baines-Wheeler Pulmonary Hypertension Awareness Group.


Our vision is to expand the leadership capacity of young adults in preparation for
service to the global marketplace of the future.


Our mission is to educate, train, coach, and mentor with a focus on building skills that contribute to leadership development, civic engagement, and social responsibility. Our primary focus is to grow and expand the capacity of leaders to contribute to improved community life.

Why Apply?

The primary focus of the program is to identify high school and college age students who those who know them best (family, teachers, coaches, mentors, etc.) recognize untapped potential and want to provide them with a leadership training experience. The education components of the experience will focus on developing key competencies that participants can use now and into the future; more importantly they are the competencies that all leaders share, but for many are late in development.

Why Should You Invest In KYB?

If leaders are to be successful in the future education, training, coaching, and mentoring are essential. If we want a high school junior to become a Bank President the time to influence that occurrence is now and not ten years into her/his career. Organizations, parents, and students that invest KYB, are investing in the future of our companies, communities, and citizens and will be rewarded with individuals who can competently lead us into the future. For more information about KYB Leadership Academy contact apply today at www.KYBLeadership.com.



1. Introduction to Leadership and Effective Communication
2. A Commitment to Lifelong Learning / Service to the Community
3. Managing Difficult Situations / Teamwork
4 .Welcoming and Appreciating Diversity


Leadership, Finance, Health, Government